Battle Won

Battle Won

My heart reeked of battles fought—

Fought on my own.

My mind reeled with shaken thoughts;

My whole soul groaned.

I could not win, my foe would not

Accept defeat.

Shattered now, the peace I sought

Lay at my feet.

With burning pain the tears fell hot,

Full of despair.

I longed to turn from my dark lot

But turn to where?

I knew that God had freely bought

Life for all men,

But I had so long sin besought—

A lawless fen.

Would He take this battered blot

And help me now?

I had let myself be caught

Deep in this slough.

Despite my fears, I knew I ought,

So I cried out.

My taunting foe, so tense and taut,

Now ceased to shout.

Peace washed my soul, not got

By strength of mine.

But by my God—blood-bought—

Through love divine.

Published by T.R.Q.T

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