VOICE OF THE ASHES: a peek inside

VOICE OF THE ASHES: a peek inside

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Voice of the Ashes

GENRE: Historical Fiction

SETTING: London, England, 1555. Mary I is reigning—a reign of terror to those opposed to the Catholic church. A reign over a land of verdant farms, stinking prisons, and varying beliefs hushed by the law. Yet a remnant remains, troubled on every side, yet not distressed, whose hope is built on their Saviour Jesus Christ.

LENGTH: 350 avg. book pages

INSPIRATION: Really, this began as a short story about a man handing out tracts on the street. I had written two paragraphs—maybe three—when I discussed it with one of my sisters, and she suggested I change the time period to the Reformation. Ideas grew from there!

THEME SONG: Ashes (I’m sorry about the poor quality of this recording–especially the clock ticking in the background)

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THEMATIC POEM: London’s Martyrs

You’re taken out of homes of love and peace
And through the streets marched like a common thief
Through gates whose banging shut tell no release
Unless, of course, you recant your belief.
Your body subject to the lash’s pains,
Your only comfort—dungeon, dark, and chains.

Yet you find hope there in your mouldy cell:
Others have walked this dreadful path before.
Amid the mocking jests and reeking smell
You look to God, praise Him from that damp floor.
You know you’ll need His strength in days to come
When great temptations—strong—at you are flung.

There’s no denying truth, and you stand firm
Though at the start your heart beat quick with fear.
It’s to Smithfield you’re brought, with smoke still warm,
Hanging over ashes of others dear.
You seal your stand in flame, a passing glow,
But your courage lights countless souls below.

VISION: Life is difficult. Relationships are difficult. And sometimes it’s difficult to see God’s love in this world, but through it all, God is faithful—He won’t let you down. People may abandon or betray you, but God always wants a relationship with you. And though at the time we may not understand why hard things happen, God has a purpose. Always.

PROTAGONIST: Laurence Weston (I like to think he has a middle name, but that’s not historically accurate)

AGE: Nineteen years

APPEARANCE: He has dark hair, brown eyes, is thin, and stands around 5’7”.


FAMILY STATUS: Laurence’s father is a Catholic priest, which makes life difficult under Queen Mary’s law against married clergy. His mother’s parents rejected her for her marriage to Mr. Weston. Laurence has two living siblings, Hugh and Ellen.


CHAPTER: The last one, Chapter 32. I get emotional every time I read it.

PARAGRAPH: “We need none of your words, Laurence. You told me yourself that you would live your way of life no matter what I did to you.” He chuckled a dry, mirthless chuckle. “But I’m sorry to say you cannot live if you are dead.”

“Danger is relative. If God allows me to be arrested, He does, and that’s perfect. If not, what can man do?”

w. Launceleyn

SENTENCE: I can’t say I have an absolute favourite, so here are two:

“That only shows the strength of what you call heresy.”

L. Weston

I hope you enjoyed this sneak-peek into Voice of the Ashes. I have spent years working on this story and I’m excited to finally share a bit of it with you. Feel free to ask questions below–though I won’t answer with any spoilers!



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2 comments on “VOICE OF THE ASHES: a peek inside”

  1. I quite enjoy the sneak peek you have given us of your book. It looks like it must be quite interesting.

    I am just wondering, although the book is historical fiction, is it based on a real character? I was wondering that because when you give the character’s name, you also say you like to think that he has a middle name but it’s not accurate.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      No, the main character is completely fictional. The inaccuracy comes from the fact that in England at that time, middle names weren’t used. Even by 1800 only about 10% of the British population had them. So I had to be content not to give him one–one of those disappointing facts to follow when writing historical books.

      (If you’re curious, his would have been James.)

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