Fearful of Change

Fearful of Change

It’s true—most people are afraid of change. You probably are, too. It’s so much easier to stay in the familiar atmosphere of the wilderness than try to conquer the Canaanites. At least you know you’ll be fed manna, even though you’re tired of eating it after so many years.

It’s a fearful thing to step into the river Jordan, though the priests have gone first and the waters have piled up, leaving dry ground.

It’s a fearful thing to walk around the great city of Jericho. What do Jericho’s inhabitants think? It must seem ridiculous that we would take the ark of God around the city once a day for six days, as if we expected that to do something.

But God’s people did it.

God wants us to move forward. He wants us to trust Him, stepping out with the faith He’s given us to conquer the next enemies, to tackle the next task, to share His Word with the world around us.

God has so much more for us to do than sit at home, read our Bibles, and pray. We should do that—often. But we must take what we read and put it into action. As Mr. Bradfield says in my short story, The Missing Marigold, “Come. You cannot see it if you stand only in one place.”

Step out. In His will. With His help. Under His care.



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